Skin ultrasound

3D ultrasound skin cleansing is effective and fast removal of superficial dead cells, excess of sebum, for skin massaging. Vibrating ultrasound waves exfoliate dead skin without any pain or unpleasant sensations. 3d ultrasound skin cleansing is suitable for all skin types. The device has massaging effect on the skin to be treated, helps skin to improve the elasticity, tone, texture, blood circulation by deep-cleansing with 3D ultrasound waves. Applying appropriate gel on the skin, 3D ultrasound device is the choice to shrink enlarged pores, blackheads.


No age restriction for device use. Applying serum or gel on clean skin, 3D ultrasound waves help cleansing and massage the treated area. The procedure is pleasant, painless and lasts 10-15 minutes. No recovery time.

Our advice

Еnlarged pores, blackheads are common cosmetic problem in acne treatment, oily skin and 3D ultrasound device is highly recommended in these cases. Pureness and moisture are basis skin factors, so 3D ultrasound is our skin compliment!

Research Price (lv.)
1. Skin ultrasound with AHA/ BHA serum for pores shrinkage 30

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