Dark spots can occur throughout the body and often appear on the photoexposed areas (face, neck, décolleté, arms). Usually they are result of sun UV A rays. Long lasting sun exposure seems to activate and cluster pigment skin cells in exposure areas and is a major photoaging trigger. There are different causes of dark spots: certain medications, contraceptive pills, skin diseases (acne), pregnancy (melasma). High-end Alexandrite laser 755nm of Quanta system is a solution for sun damage dark spots, café-au-lait spots, freckles, congenital pigmentations combining a speedy, effective, painless processing. The laser beam which is absorbed turns into heat. The heat quickly damages pigment granules and causes the spot to fade.


Number of sessions is variable according to spot size, duration, depth of pigment cells in the skin. Usually 3-4 sessions are necessary for untanned skin once a month. Mild burn sensation is most common patient complaint during procedure. No downtime. Sunprotection with high SPF following treatment is mandatory. Avoid sun exposure one week after session. Contraindications are pregnancy, breastfeeding, tanned skin, active skin infection, skin damage, photosensitive medication intake, photosensitive epilepsy.

Our advice

Alexandrite laser is one of the most effective, modern and safe technologies in dark spots treatment because of its few processing restrictions. Every pigmentation should be carefully inspected for asymmetry, size, borders, color uniformity, elevation to below potential malignancy!

Research Price (lv.)
1. Laser therapy of one pigmented zone 40 - 60
2. Laser therapy of multiple pigmented zones 80-100
3. Intimate areas whitening 150-200

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