Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use different types of organic acid to remove nonsurgically top skin layer. Lower Ph of applied acid on the skin causes superficial cells junctions to break down, so they peel off and promote deeper skin cell regeneration. When removed damaged upper skin layer, a specific medical problem is solved, as new collagen stimulation from deeper skin layer is provided. This controlled physiological skin regeneration improve skin tightening and skin appearance. Chemical peels used both for aesthetic and medicinal purpose treat pigmentations, enlarged pores, acne, scars, photoaging, fine line and wrinkles, inflammation and skin imperfections. Depending on depth of acid effect chemical peels are divided in superficial (epidermal), medium deep (upper dermis) and deep (lower dermis). Skin problem, skin type, patient’s expectations require proper use of chemical peel.


Chemical peels resolve patient’s cosmetic or medicinal skin imperfections. Autumn, winter are the best time for treatment. Sunprotection is mandatory before and after procedure. Prepilling solution is applied to prepare the skin for peeling acid. During peel acid action a burn sensation, redness, discomfort are patient’s complaints. Finally a neutralizing solution is applied to remove acid distribution on the skin. First session effect assessment for superficial peels determines application interval (7-10 days usually), for medium deep -14 days. Recovery time for superficial peels is 3-4 days and mild redness, skin superficial layers peeling off are mentioned. Skin recovers in 5-6 days for medium deep peels with reddish big scales. Antiseptic, moisturizing, protective aftercare ointments are applied for skin epithelialization. 3-4 sessions are necessary for chemical peel treatment. After first session visible effect is observed. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, preceding laser treatment, mikrodermabrasion, recent hair removal, skin infections, malignancy suspicion in treated area, retinoids intake are contraindicated.

Our advice

Perfect solution in complex treatment for acne, dilated pores, dark spots. Chemical peel once a year for pure skin provides lasting care to maintain the youthful skin appearance. Deep peels are rarely used because of long recovery and are replaced by other cosmetic care modalities.

Research Price (lv.)
1. Salicylic acid chemical peeling 60
2. Azelain chemical peeling 70
3. Mandela chemical peeling 60
4. Argilac peeling 60
5. Surface glycolic acid chemical peeling 70
6. Yellow peeling 70
7. SAMA peeling 70

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