Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is modern and effective long-term method for unwanted hair elimination. It beams highly concentrated light in heat, hair pigment absorbs the light and laser beam destroys hair follicule. Laser hair removal has most effectiveness in hair growth phase and for covering all hair follicules, the procedure is repeated. The consecutive hair removal session will remove hairs in resting phase or intermediate growth/resting phase hairs at precedent session. The therapy is recommended for small body areas (upper lip, bikini area) as large ones (back, chest, legs). Laser hair removal is solution for ingrown hairs, not causing follicules irritation, the skin is smoother, without redness after manipulation. It is generally cheaper in long run than other hair removal modalities.

We offer two of most effective Quanta system laser technologies for hair removal. Because of its high speed, large swath of hairs and perfect light pigment absorbtion, Alexandrite 755 nm laser is exclusive for hair removal. It is able to remove fine, thin hairs. It is considered for 1-4 skin phototypes (light, pale skin types) treatment and the most painless laser hair removal technology. There is no need to repeat the treated area or apply contact gel due to good light penetration into the skin.

Long pulsed Nd-Yag is considered to be safe for all skin phototypes (1-6), so darker or tanned skin is appropriate and there is no seasonal reason for its use. Procedure is more painful and Nd-Yag laser is not so effective in fine, thin hair reduction. Good tailored assessment for Nd-Yag laser is necessary in tanned skin use.


Suitable for patients after 20 years of age. Duration depends on hair removal area (5 minutes- 60 minutes). 6-8 sessions are needed, once a month, for face unwanted hairs- 10-12 sessions according to our experience. It is recommended to shave treated area a few days before, such that there are short stubbles (2-3 mm). Shave and no pull hairs out between consecutive therapy sessions because hair follicule is laser hair removal target. Recovery time is short. Temporary redness lasts 10-15 minutes. Although pigmentation risk is minimized, avoid sun exposure, use sunprotection with high SPF. The effect is visible after first session. Stubbles (“psedogrowth”) can be visible for some time but after sequenal session treated hair will fall out. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, malignancy, photosensitive epilepsy are contraindicated.

Our advice

Every individual has his metabolism, hormonal balance, hair follicules density. This affects session number and laser final results. Permanent hair removal means approximately 80 % reduction of unwanted hair in treated area. After completed laser hair removal session course 1-2 maintaining sessions once a year is advised due to adult continuous hormonal hair growth control. Blonde hairs have weak laser therapy respond because of lack of pigment, so laser beam can not eliminate them.

Laser therapy- hair removal women

Research Price (lv.)
1. Upper lip zone 30
2. Chin 25
3. Eyebrows zone 20
4. Sideburns 30
5. All the face 80
6. Cheek bones 30
7. Cheeks 30
8. Nose 10
9. Upper part of neckline 30
10. Abdominal line 30
11. Areolas 20
12. Lower abdominal part 80
13. Lower back 70
14. Armpits 50
15. Arms 110
16. Partial arms 50
17. Fingers 20
18. Back of palms 25
19. Intimate area 100
20. Bikini zone 50
21. Perianal zone 40
22. Legs 170
23. Shins 80
24. Thighs 90
25. Buttocks 120
26. Toes 20
27. Back of soles 25

* Pay 4 sessions, gain 5th session free!

Laser hair removal- men

Research Price (lv.)
1. Eyebrows zone 30
2. Sideburns 30
3. Cheek-bones 30
4. Nose 20
5. Ears 20
6. Upper part of neckline 50
7. Back of neck 50
8. Shoulders 100
9. Chest 150
10. Abdominal line 50
11. Abdomen 150
12. Lower part of abdomen 80
13. Lower back 140
14. Back 180
15. Underarms 50
16. Arms 170
17. Partial arms 100
18. Fingers 40
19. Back of palms 50
20. Intimate area 130
21. Perianal zone 60
22. Buttocks 150
23. Thighs 300
24. Lower legs 200
25. Legs 500
26. Toes 40
27. Back of soles 50

* Pay 5 sessions, gain 6th session free !

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