Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a chronic disease of nail plate caused by different fungus types, yeasts, molds. Nails plates are distorted, rough, thicken, without transparency. Fungal affection of surrounding skin (athletic foot) or skin injury are „doorway” for concomitant bacterial infection. Endogenous factors (diabetes, obesity, compromised immunity) or exogenous (tight shoes, trauma, sweating, аntibiotic intake) contribute fungal growth. Topical medication does not always work and administration of antifungal tablets is most commonly associated with hepatic toxicity.

Nd-Yag 1064 nm Quanta System laser offers effective solution for nail fungus. Laser beam applicated on the fungus rich nail plate transforms in heat energy inhibiting fungi multiplication.


Patients with long lasting fungal nail infection, failure of topical medication, patients contraindicated for systemic antifungal intake are appropriate for laser treatment. Clean nail plate without even antifungal nail polish is important for performing laser treatment. The therapy lasts 10-15 minutes with some discomfort because of higher energy accumulation of laser beam. 1-2 weeks is needed session interval and after 4th session one session per month is possible. 6-7 sessions are recommended. Visible results after 4 weeks from initial treatment are noticed. There is no downtime. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, photosensitive epilepsy are contraindicated.

Our advice

Effectiveness of laser onychomycosis treatment is 70-90%. No resistance of fungus to laser therapy is described. Dissatissfaction of therapy comes from eventual improper nail aftercare or previous habits supporting local factors for fungal infection.

Research Price (lv.)
1. All fingers of one hand/foot 80
2. All fingers of both of hands/feet 140
3. Foot/hand thumb 40
4. Nail different than the thumb 30

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