Rosacea / Dilated Blood Vessels

Rosacea is chronic inflammatory disease with dilated blood vessels, erythema, edema, burning sensation on face, décolleté. Redness, numerous enlarged vessels are skin problems in initial phase of disease. For severe inflammatory rosacea, in addition to antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, the treatment range includes laser Nd-Yag 1064 nm.

Dilated vessels on skin of the face, body are common cosmetic problem and they are caused by sun overexposure, corticosteroid creams, hormonal imbalance, wide temperature limits environment. Some vascular formations are elevated аnd often congenital (hemangiomas).


Laser beam transforms in heat energy that coagulates and shrinks pathologically dilated vessels. The procedure is associated with some soreness and requires local anesthetic cream or cooling in advance. Application of contact gel provides safe procedure, reduces pain. Duration of therapy depends on treated area. 3-5 sessions once a month are required depending on vascular area and type of vessel. Recovery lasts from hours to one day and redness, edema at coagulated vessel are noticed. Bluish lines in the course of larger vessels is normal finding that fades up to few days. Sunprotection is mandatory after session, as well as sun avoiding, sauna for at least two weeks. Photosensitive pills administration, anticoagulants intake, Roaccutane tablets for rosacea therapy, photosensitive epilepsy are forbidden for manipulation.

Our advice

Perfect solution of unwanted vessels in customized cases and correct medical device. Laser does not treat every type of vessel!

Research Price (lv.)
1. Removing of single lesion 50 -70
2. Removing of multiple vessels 200 leva. Up to 500 impulses
3. Removing of cheek multiple vessels 100
4. Removing of nose vessels 70
5. Laser therapy of rosacea, one zone 50
6. Laser therapy of rosacea, two zones 90
7. Laser therapy of all face rosacea 140

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