Skin rejuvenation

After age of 30, the skin collagen decreases, the skin becomes thinner, less elastic, the subcutaneous fat is reduced. Smoking and sun overexposure accelerate further skin aging. Increasing elasticity, turgor and fresh skin appearance are achieved by complex methods improving collagen synthesis. One of these methods is Nd-Yag 1064 nm laser rejuvenation of Quanta System. During the procedure, short but powerful laser impulses heat treated area and the dermal collagen cells are activated by thermal stimulus. This clinically proven safe method is indispensable in overall care of skin rejuvenation and lifting. It is appropriate for every skin types.


The procedure duration is approximately 20 minutes with minimum patient discomfort. For optimal results 3-4 sessions every 3-4 weeks are necessary, maintaining procedures 1-2 times a year. There is no interrupt the daily patient routine. The procedure is suitable for sensitive eyes zone, décolleté, neck, hands as well as face zone. The use of sunscreen with high SPF factor after procedure is mandatory. 30-60 years old patients are recommended. Photosensitive medication intake, pregnancy, breastfeeding, skin infections, wounds, malignancy suspicion, recently postpeeling period, fresh tanned skin, photosensitive epilepsy are contraindicated.

Our advice

Dilated blood vessels, pigmentations, fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging are inevitable signs of skin aging. One type of therapy is unsufficient for skin rejuvenation, just combination of skin therapies, cosmetic aftercare, diet regimen, sports, lifestyle are needed components!

Research Price (lv.)
1. Face Nd- Yag laser rejuvenation 100
2. Neck Nd- Yad laser rejuvenation 50

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