Laser therapy – scars

Scars are sunken (atrophic) or keloid (hypertrophic). They are often caused by surgery, burning, acne, some skin disease (chikenpox). Some of them are skin-colored, the others pigmented. Depressed scars (post acne) are indicated for complex therapy in order to transform and reorganize the “wrong” collagen in the scar. Quanta System offer the perfect non-ablative scar solution treatment, based on selective photothermolisys. Acting on fibrous cells the beam of light forms “right” collagen and stimulate production of new healthy skin cells to cover damaged skin cells.


The therapy is indicated for all skin phototypes with longlasting effect. The candidates are patients over 20 years aged. Mild side effects of procedure include warming, discomfort and they are tolerable. One session is taking 20 minutes without downtime. Aftercare is regular skin moisturizing and high SPF photoprotection. 4-6 sessions are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Contraindications are active infection, wounds, photosensitive medicines, malignancy in treated area, pregnancy, breasfeeding.

Our advice

Longlasting scars require deep specialist assessment of choice of treatment and patient’s compliance regarding to eventual timetaking therapy.

Research Price (lv.)
1. Laser scar treatment 30 leva/ one scar
2. Cryotherapy 20 leva/ one lesion
3. Corticosteroid intralesional application 50
4. Scar microneedling 40

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