Acne is a common skin disease affecting teenagers and adult women. It occurs on oily areas (face, chest, back) and involves oil gland at the base of hair follicles. Sometimes even mild acne make worsensing patient’s quality of life. Individual acne treatment plan is necessary to provide, involving often team of specialists ( dermatologist, cosmetologist, psychologist).

IPL phototherapy and laser Nd-Yag technology both of Quanta System are two modern modalities for complex acne treatment.


IPL phototherapy is indicated for mild to moderate inflammatory acne reducing excess of sebum, killing bacterias in treated area, providing anti-inflammatory effect. The treatment is safe for skin types 1-4. Verify the consumer has no unprotected sun exposure in the areas to be treated. This means the consumer must have used a sunblock for the past 4 weeks on treated areas. Perform the treatment only on untanned skin. 4-8 sessions are necessary. The treatment interval is one week for the first 3 sessions. After the 3th session the treatment interval is one month. Few minutes after procedure the skin shows a moderate redness, a moderate sun-burn sensation. 2/3 of patients mention 50 % reduction of acne lesions after second session.

Nd-Yag laser treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne too. If skin is tanned, postpone the treatment by one or two months. Minimal discomfort, heat sensation, redness patients mention during procedure. Some transitory acne flare may occur after sessions.

Contraindicated patients for both therapy: pregnant, breastfeeding women, photosensitive epilepsy, retinoids intake, photosensitive pills intake. The system is designed for treatments of intact skin only.

Our advice

For skilled dermatologist, IPL, laser procedures can be effective part in complex acne treatment plan of skin clearing. Long lasting and multiple treatments (6-8 months), acne relapses, bad patient compliance discourage treatment. The close patient-dermatologist relationship is guarantee of successful disease outcome.

Research Price (lv.)
1. Nd- Yag laser therapy one zone of acne 50
2. Nd- Yag laser therapy two zones of acne 90
3. All face acne Nd- Yag laser therapy 140

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