Benign Skin Lesion Removal

Benign skin lesions (warts, skin tags, milia, callouses etc.) are common cosmetology complaint. The specialist takes removal decision by dermatoscopy (magnifying optic) in distinguishing malignancy. Every malignancy suspicion requires oncoprophylaxis approach. The treatment of benign skin lesions consists of destruction or removal by any of variety of techniques -electrocoagulation, cryotherapy, curettage. Laser removal may also be used as safe, bloodless, no scarring technique.


Multiple warts, papillomas are removed successfully by Nd-Yag laser. Procedure takes from 5 to 20 minutes regarding number of lesions. Minimal color change of the lesion after treatment is observed. Crust formation after 2-3 days should not be removed forcibly. Follow-up treatment after 30 days if necessary. Short downtime. Don’t wet treated area for 2 hours. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, photosensitive pills intake, malignancy uncertainty, active skin infection, wounds, photosensitive epilepsy are contraindicated for laser treatment removal.

Our advice

Safe and convenient for patient technique taking in mind the speed of processing. Self-observation of the skin and timely exam are crucial to prevent dissemination or proliferation of lesions.

Research Price (lv.)
1. Laser therapy 20 leva / one lesion
2. Laser therapy of multiple lesions 200 leva up to 500 impulses

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